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Bryne Carruthers is a composer, producer and music educator originally from Perth, Ontario. Bryne took up guitar at age 13 and began playing in bands professionally at age 17. He also began producing music at age 16 and ran a recording studio for 12 years, producing 17 full-length albums. He studied jazz guitar at York University in Toronto for his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree, graduating summa cum laude with the highest cumulative GPA in both the music and fine arts programs. While pursuing his M.A. degree at York as a Canadian Graduate Scholar he analyzed the chord progressions of Weezer’s first five studio albums using Harmonic Vector analysis (practiced by his colleagues at the PhD program at the University of Paris at the Sorbonne) and interviewed the band’s lead singer. He has worked as a composer for Parks and Protected Areas Alberta for four years where he was commissioned to compose the music for over 35 songs, which were featured in live musical theatre performances in Kananaskis Country, a system of parks located in the foothills of the rocky mountains west of Calgary. He has worked as a session musician on guitar, bass, keyboards, and vocals at Bova Sound Studios (where audio post-production on Feist’s two latest Juno award winning albums was done) in Ottawa. He has also composed music for TV and documentary film. He currently resides in Brockville Ontario, where he teaches guitar, keyboards, and songwriting through the Canada Music Academy; composes and produces music for clients; and conducts interactive workshops on creating music using the iPad.


“Your productions are as professional and artistic as any I’ve worked on. It’s no wonder the album came out so well with all the hard work and artistry you put into it.”

Dave Darlington (New York City), Grammy winning recording engineer (Sting, Wayne Shorter, Herbie Hancock, Avicii, David Guetta)

Tobias Mug2 “Bryne is perhaps the smartest musician I have ever encountered. As a drummer, my knowledge of musical theory was seriously lacking when I started at York University. When i began to struggle in theory courses, I turned to Bryne, who was able to simply articulate material that I found my professors were unable to. I am very thankful for his patience and guidance. Without his help, I would not have completed my degree, nor would I be the drummer that I am today.”

Tobias Smith, Los Angeles based drummer of Atomic Tom, & former student.

dave-dawson4 “I have known Bryne Carruthers for nigh on to 19 years, from 1998 to 2017. During this period of time, Bryne has recorded my music to the tune of 10 CDs (songs of my own composition numbering 110 songs), including two CDs of train songs and another of cowboy songs, and of recent, another CD in June 2017 entitled ‘Dave Dawson Recites Robert Service, and Dr. Henry Drummond’.

Bryne was always cordial with anyone he comes in contact with especially in his recording studio. When recording, Bryne has always given me a free hand in what I wanted to accomplish during these past sessions, and the finished product has always turned out most satisfactory.

I do recommend Bryne because of his expertise in the recording studio. I’ve also heard excellent comments from others who have used his services as a recording engineer.”

Dave Dawson (Sharbot Lake, Ontario), singer/songwriter, poet & author.

Matthew O'Halloran photo 1.jpg “Bryne has been teaching me to play jazz on the piano for almost two years now, and I have come a long way. Everything I know about jazz, I learned from him, including jazz theory and how to improvise. With these skills, I was able to perform my first successful jazz concert. Bryne is a very kind and patient person, and he does an outstanding job of sharing his profound musical knowledge with me. Bryne is a phenomenal musician and mentor.”

Matthew O’Halloran (Brockville Ontario, age 13), piano student.

Melba Mooney Photo “I am a singer songwriter and since recording my CD ‘Corduroy Patches and  More Soft Country’ with Bryne Carruthers, I have been inspired  to write the written word, again and again.  Bryne’s attitude and reassuring comments toward my CD gave me the confidence I was lacking to proceed with over the top motivation and enthusiasm. I thank Bryne Carruthers for being the professional recording engineer that he is, and for making my recording experience and my CD such a success.”

Melba Mooney (Rideau Ferry, Ontario).

Jeremy Finkelstein, Musician “I really enjoyed studying with Bryne, he breaks down the art of writing popular music into a science and teaches it in a way that anyone can understand.”

Jeremy Finkelstein (Toronto, ON), musician, drum teacher, & former student

Linda Grenier Mugshot sml “I loved working with Bryne, he’s a great guitarist and wonderful producer. He puts a great deal of passion and creativity into his musical arrangements, and he makes you feel completely comfortable in expressing yourself in the studio as a singer and an artist.”

Linda Grenier (McDonalds Corners, ON), singer-songwriter, guitarist, & former client.

jack hurd3 “Bryne is a helluva guitarist and a pleasure to work with in the studio. I never had to explain what I wanted more than once and the trickiest things he’d just get!”

Jack Hurd (Perth, ON), composer, pianist, music teacher, & former client.

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  1. I stopped at “Tim’s” at the corner of highways 7 and 511 last Saturday en route to a gig in Calabogie. I remembered that you were from Perth . I looked you up at and I’m happy to see that your music is still excellent.

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