Recording Engineering Services

Bryne Carruthers is now offering professional mixing and mastering service to composers and producers around the world, to transform their music tracks into professional-quality audio suitable for a wide-variety of formats and media.

Bryne brings more than two decades of experience as a music producer and recording engineer in the digital audio domain.

He has produced and engineered recordings heard by hundreds of thousands of listeners on national radio, TV, film, YouTube, DVD video, and iTunes.

Bryne uses Logic Pro X, with a wide variety of special effects, and pitch and rhythm correction using Melodyne.

If you aspire to have your music turn heads, whether on audio CD, commercial radio, TV, or the web, send your audio files to Bryne over the internet and hear the magical transformation within days.

Bryne offers competitive rates, quick turnaround time, and superior sound quality.

For more information please contact Bryne.

To hear the magic for yourself, click on the BEFORE and AFTER tracks below.

Mixing Examples

The Answer by Ariel Fiess (Vocalist/Songwriter)


Final recording:

Mastering Examples

Too Much For Too Little by Go For Hope (commissioned by Scott Glenen); vocals by Amanda Keeley; mixed by Philip Shaw Bova.

Unmastered version:

Final master:

Internal Destruct Sequence by Slowfall (produced/mixed by Chris Tuijtel)

Unmastered version:

Final master:

More Examples

Other tracks mixed and mastered by Bryne Carruthers:



Electronic/Pop/Future Bass:


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