Anouncing Interactive Music Creation Workshops for iPad!

I’m pleased to announce  I am offering interactive workshops on creating music for the iPad at high schools across the Upper Canada District School Board, Limestone District School Board (Kingston area), and Ottawa Carleton District School Board.

I am using 8 iPad minis, which allow high school students to instantly apply the songwriting and production concepts I teach them, and to share their music with other students in class and via the internet.

I am offering 1 hour workshops for Grade 7/8 intermediates and Grade 9/10 high school students on composing music for Garageband for iPad.

I am also offering 2 hour intensive workshops for Grade 11/12 students, including those enrolled in Arts & Culture Specialist High Skills Major Programs. This intensive workshop can fulfill part of the curriculum requirements for Arts & Culture SHSM students. In addition to covering creating instrumental and vocal music in Garageband, it will also include instruction in creating electronic dance music using Propellerhead Software’s (makers of Reason 7.1, which virtually all the musical examples on my website are made from) ReBirth or Figure.

I am also offering 8 week courses on writing music for Garageband for the iPad here in Brockville. Stay tuned for more details!

Also, I’ve updated this website’s Bryne’s Music page to include excerpts of songs (most of which were featured as musical examples in recent music writing workshops incidentally) from an upcoming album for a client of mine, including the single Fire, which is available for download on iTunes. Hope you enjoy!