William Blake’s “The Tyger” Dance Remix!

I’m happy to announce I did a couple workshops last week for the music theatre students at Thousand Islands Secondary School here in Brockville. I brought in my iMac and piano keyboard to show the students how I go about creating music. Using music commissioned by Parks Alberta as examples, we learned how to set lyrics to music, adapt a piano arrangement for orchestra, and how to produce a brief musical idea into a dance music track. The students were awesome, and I had a blast teaching and performing my music.

During the second workshop we applied what we learned about setting lyrics to music and wrote an original melody for William Blake’s “The Tyger” as a class.

This weekend I was working on setting lyrics to music for a client, and after I finished, as promised, I took the original melody to William Blake’s “The Tyger” we composed last week and did a quick instrumental dance remix.

Here’s the melody we came up with for piano:

And here’s the dance remix I did this evening:

If you want to follow along with the words, here’s the lyrics of the song written and illustrated by William Blake himself (click on image to enlarge):

"The Tyger" by William Blake (poem)

I was planning on posting an mp3 of a piano arrangement I did for a student’s original lyrics but the recording wasn’t up to snuff according to my ears so I’ll have to redo it and post it another time.

Thanks again to Sam Crosby and Shawn for their support, encouragement, and assistance! And thanks to the students for being eager and willing participants. I’m happy to answer any questions about the workshop and I can be reached by email at brynecarruthers(at)gmail.com.

Have a good evening.