Ottawa U Faculty of Education iPad Music Workshop (and More Recording)

Hi y’all!

Today I’m pleased to announce I did a 90-minute iPad music creation workshop for approximately 40 teacher candidates at the University of Ottawa Faculty of Education, which was an absolute blast! These aspiring teachers are now set to teach their future students how to make their own original music using Garageband for iPad and my top-secret music writing techniques! My plans for world domination, including raising an army of 21st century music teachers, are well underway!

Faculty of Ed (Serious)

The next generation of music teachers…

Faculty of Ed (Goofy)

..or a bunch of Jack Black inspired goofballs? You decide.


In other news, I’ve been back at Bova Lab studios this past week, this time with one of my students who is well on her way to becoming a bona-fide recording artist! On the latest track entitled Waste Away, Sappho made her very respectable studio recording debut as a vocalist, while Phil played and recorded the drums (which sound awesome) and I’ve been busy bossing everyone around as per usual (“That take was perfectly good, now do it again!!”). We we’re going to mix the song today but Phil and his kids were sick and he’s very busy recording the rest of the week, so the world will have to wait to hear the song until next week, alack and alas. After this we just have one more track to redo the vocals for and this 4-song project will be ready for the airwaves. Prepare yourselves!

Sappho Goofy

Sappho in the studio during one of her more sombre moments

Other than that I’ve just been keeping plenty busy teaching (my schedule is almost full other than Saturday afternoon and a few weeknight spots) and doing workshops (I was at SFDCI this past Friday and BCI and Sweet’s Corners ES are up next amongst many others!). That’s it for music-related news folks, stay warm for those in the frosty province of Ontario!


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