Song Mixed by NYC Recording Engineer!

Neve 5432 Mixing Console

Ye Olde Neve 5432 Analog Mixing Console

Hey y’all, I’m pleased to announce the first of several songs I’ve been working on the past year has been completed!

Entitled “I Promise You”, the song was commissioned by a friend of mine (Scott Glenen). Featuring the vocal talent of Sappho Hansen Smythe, and the cello work of Alyssa Wright, it was mixed and mastered by NYC-based Grammy Award winning mixing engineer Dave Darlington (Wayne Shorter, Sting, and the Sonic the Hedgehog music team). The vocals were recorded by Philip Shaw Bova (Feist, Bahamas, CBC As It Happens Theme) on a vintage Neve 5432 mixing console that was previously owned by Jimmy Shaw of the Canadian band Metric, who used it to record/mix drums and guitars on several of the band’s albums, including 2009’s best seller Fantasies.

I’ve included an excerpt below. Hope you enjoy!

2 Responses to Song Mixed by NYC Recording Engineer!

  1. Chuck Ferguson says:

    Wow! What a great track! Keep up the good work!

  2. brynecarruthers says:

    Hi Chuck, thank you, glad you enjoyed the song!

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